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    6ku City Bike Series Available Now

    6ku Bikes has just released their City Bike Series collection including city /commuter bikes for men and women alike. The range features coaster single-speed, 8-speed, and 16-speed gearing style options to fit any style of riding. The line of city bikes are built with detail in mind, using an elegantly design lugged fork and a carefully chosen color palette. Not only do they look great, but they also are built to last and feature a rust resilient stainless-steel hubs and spokes. If you are looking for a dependable ride that will get you around your town with speed and comfort (without hurting...

    Factory Five F5 Lattice Chainring In Stock

    Factory Five F5 Lattice Chainrings are are precision CNC milled from a single piece

    CG Custom Build // Bianchi Super Pista

    It's refreshing to see customers putting together custom fixed gear bike builds

    Unknown Bikes Singularity Photoshoot Pt. 1

    Unknown Bikes Singularity shot by Julio Bustamanate

    Behind the Build // Custom Crew Bike Co. District Bike

    We knew we wanted to step our game up this year for National Bike Month, so when FairPlay Brand approached us about doing a collaboration we jumped at the opportunity. After talking it over we decided on the idea of a giveaway that would include a custom built bike and $500 gift card to FairPlay's website. When it came to building the bike, we knew immediately the Crew Bike Co. District fit the style and look that the guys at FairPlay had in mind. After some design mockups and discussions we came up with what would be the final product. We've...

    New Arrival // ZF Bikes Prime Series

    If you are in the market for a lightweight fixed gear bike and don't want to break the bank or sacrifice quality - make sure to check out the new ZF Bikes Prime Series. The Prime alloy track bike features a sturdy aluminum 6061 frame with matching aluminum fork as well as a 46-tooth track crankset AND sealed bearing wheelset. The ZF Bikes Prime comes in six color options including matte black, army green, blue, chrome, white and metal grey. The ZF Bikes Prime Alloy Track Bike is available now for $389.00 + Free Shipping! Hit the link at the bottom of...

    Solé Bicycles City Cruiser Series // In Stock Now

    In preparation for the upcoming spring and summer months, we are now offering the Solé Bicycles City Cruiser Series! This includes both the Solé Winward City Cruiser and the Solé Park Row City Cruiser bikes, each available for $499.00. The City Cruiser series by Solé is a bicycle line created to combine functional riding style with elements of the upmost comfort. Solé Bicycles is based in Venice Beach, CA and prides itself in creating minimal, stylish and solid products. SHOP NOW >>

    Low Bicycles x Cadence Collection MK1 Road // The Radavist

    Low Bicycles, a manufacturer of high quality, handmade aluminum bicycle racing frames, has teamed up with our friends over at Cadence Collection for a one-off custom MK1 build. The collaboration was unveiled at the recent 2015 NAHBS show and John 'Prolly' Watson (@JohnProlly) of did the honors of photographing the bike. Check out a few of the photos below and click the link at the bottom of the post to view the complete gallery. VIEW MORE >> Photography c/o, shot by John Watson

    Unknown Combat // Built By CG Photoshoot

    We had photographer Jesse Rith take out the three color options for the Unknown Combat Built By CG, and the result was some stunning photographs. The gloss white, hi-viz yellow and gloss black are all available as either a frame for $149.00, or as a complete built by City Grounds bike for only $419.00, both with free shipping. SHOP NOW >>

    God & Famous // Mobbin' Photoshoot

    The God & Famous team recently met up with Los Angeles local Luis Escajeda; captain and founder of the Mobbin' Monday cycling team. The result was a photo shoot featuring Luis mobbin' (pun intended) on his Unknown Bike Co. Type 1 build. Check out some of the highlights below, or click the link at the bottom of this post to check out the whole photo set!

    City Grounds x State Bicycle Co. #MyCityGrounds Update

    We are nearing the halfway point of the City Grounds x State Bicycle Co. #MyCityGrounds Instagram Giveaway! The giveaway has garnered a huge response so far and the photo submissions are amazing. Who knew all of you had such talent?! If you haven't submitted yet don't worry - there's still time! We will be announcing the winner of the Warhawk SS Cyclocross bike on Monday, March 9th, 2015. For more information on the giveaway, click here. In the meantime, check out some of our favorites so far below!: (@kylethornhill, @nick_smithpoop) (@hapaman, @faythenaddy) (@highflyingco, @str8thugger)   *Note: Only photos posted as...

    Rainy Day Inspiration // Leader Bikes

    It's cold out here (yes, even in California!) So, we figured you might need some inspiration to get out and ride despite the weather. Look no further as the team over at Leader Bikes recently took to the freshly wet conditions down in San Diego and did an impromptu photo shoot. Check out the photo below featuring Tony Perry (of Pierce the Veil fame) shot by Matt Lingo. SHOP LEADER >>