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    City Grounds x Aventon Collab Bike Builds // Wolfpack Hustle Prizes

    Introducing the City Grounds x Aventón Bikes collaborative bike build prizes for this weekends Wolfpack Hustle Drag Race Event!! Who will be crowned champion of the Unified Title Series and take these home? Make sure to stop by this Saturday and check out the event, more details here:

    Wolfpack Hustle 6th Street Drag Race // Registration Open Now!

    Registration is now open for the Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Drag Race, the last event of the 2013 Unified Title Race Series. It's all going down on September 7th at the 6th Street bridge in LA. City Grounds has been a running the athlete's zone for all of the events and will be out there in full force to support the athletes. It should be an amazing event, make sure to come watch who takes home the coveted dog tags! Some more info about the race: The Midnight Drag Race is an all out sprint race across the 6th Street Bridge...

    State Bicycle Co. // Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Criterium Video

    The crew over at State Bicycle Co. put together a video showcasing their team's trip out to Los Angeles to participate in the first ever Wolfpack Hustle Civic Center Criterium. I love getting the behind the scenes look into the race preparation and the team camaraderie combined with some great racing footage. Plus, they are wearing highlighter green polka dot kits - what's not to like?! Check out the video below, hopefully it tides you over until the next Wolfpack Hustle event on Sept. 7th on the 6th St. Bridge! Team State Bicycle Co. riders include: Brian Forbes Bryan "B-Hard"...

    2013 Wolfpack Hustle Crit Race // Photo Recap

    This past Sunday Wolfpack Hustle hosted the 2nd race in the 2013 Unified Title Race Series, The Civic Center Criterium. With the streets shut down around City Hall in downtown Los Angeles, racers competed for the coveted dog tags and to get one step closer to the ultimate goal - Unified Title Series Champion. It was quite the day with inspiring victories from Jo Celso (Womens Fixed), Kathryn Donovan (Womens Road), Walton Brush (Mens Fixed) and Sean McElroy (Mens Road). Not to mention a great showing and second place finish in Mens Fixed for Long Beach local Edgar Willow Juarez!...

    Wolfpack Hustle Race #2 // CVCCTR Crit Race Los Angeles

    The second event of the Wolfpack Hustle Unified Title Race Series is coming up quick and the Wolfpack team just released the flyer for it. Race #2 is a crit style race  on June 23rd around City Hall of Los Angeles with four finales for Mens Road, Mens Fixed, Womens Road and Womens Fixed. City Grounds is a proud sponsor of the Title Race Series and will be out there in full force with a full Athlete Zone set up. Hustle (get it?) over to the event page and check out all the details.

    Red Bull Ride + Style 2013 // FGFS Competition

    As the freestyle competitors hit the freshly painted course features, the judges knew they were in for a tough decision. Last year’s winner, Josh Boothby, was looking to land the first ever in-competition flare, a full 180 degree backflip, while riders like 2011 winner Matt Reyes were cruising the course with an uncanny consistency. A surprise to most but certainly a welcome one was seeing Zawada on the course throwing huge tuck no-handers and making his way onto the elite list of just three people to pull a backflip in fixed-gear competition. In the end there was no stopping Reyes...

    Red Bull Ride + Style 2013 // Track Race Photo Recap

    The 2013 Red Bull Ride + Style event was held this past weekend in San Francisco on Saturday, May 4th. A crowd of over 5,000 people showed up to watch and cheer on a solid group of track and fixed gear freestyle riders throughout the day. The event consisted of two sub events, a track race which incorporated obstacles and ramps in the morning and a fixed gear freestyle trick competition in the afternoon. The track race featured last years winner Addison Zawada along with other familiar faces including Jason Clary, Hernan Montenegro, Walton Brush and our very own team...

    Red Bull Ride + Style 2013 // Official Press Release

    San Francisco, CA (May 1, 2013) - On Saturday, May 4, Red Bull Ride + Style will return to San Francisco for the third time, reuniting the world’s best fixed gear racers and freestylers together in Justin Herman Plaza. The event also brings together four of the world’s top street artists – Risk (Los Angeles), Tristan Eaton (NYC), Insa (London) and Sam Flores (San Francisco) – through collaborative art on both the race course and the freestyle ramps. Josh Boothby (freestyle) and Addison Zawada (race) are the defending champions and will return to compete on a course boasting six features...

    Red Bull Ride & Style 2013 // Course Testing Video

    Red Bull Ride + Style returns to San Francisco on Saturday, May 4th 2013 and they are starting to build the hype with a video released today of selected riders getting a chance to test the course. Check out the video below from the Red Bull team: Stay tuned to the Red Bull Ride + Style Facebook page for news and updates (click here). Are you planning on going this year? If so, what are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments!

    Throwback Thursday // Red Bull Ride & Style 2012

    I can't believe this already almost a year old. It's not that far of a throwback, but to be honest I just really like this video. Can't wait to go again for the upcoming 2013 event, which we just are starting to get information and press releases from Red Bull about. The following is a press release from Red Bull for this years event:  On Saturday, May 4, Red Bull Ride + Style will return to San Francisco for the third time, reuniting the world’s best fixed gear racers and freestylers together in Justin Herman Plaza. The event also brings...

    2013 Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash // Photo Recap

    The results are in, congratulations to all of the winners and participants in the 2013 Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash race! We couldn't have been more excited about being part of such a great event. From the registration party where we got to meet all of you and talk shop, to the race itself where we witnessed thousands of people competing for those elusive Wolfpack Dog Tags. A big thank you to Don a.k.a. Roadblock and the rest of the Wolfpack team. We can't wait until the next event, in the meantime - check out the photos from the registration party...

    SF Sprints Promo Video // CG Kit Spotting!

    Good friend of the shop and former City Grounds staff member John Maniquis sent over the promo video from the good people who run SF Sprints for the next event coming June 8th, 2013. Looks like a great time, and you can't beat the shot of John repping the shop in the CG Kit at 0:48. We suggest making that freeze frame your desktop and phone background. Thanks for sending this over John (check out his bike check here >>)! Filmed by Rp Cuenco & Ukiah Pearson

Welcome to City Grounds!

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