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Moderation tools

Admins can choose to make the default for new comments entered either “visible to everyone” or “has limited visibility” on the site (i.e., the comment is only visible to the commenter and their friends), to help mitigate irrelevant content.

Admins can also blacklist words and ban users. If a new comment is published from a banned user or contains a blacklisted word, this comment will automatically have limited visibility.

To moderate, you need to list yourself as an admin.

To add multiple moderators, separate the uids by comma without spaces.

If your site has many comments boxes, we strongly recommend you specify a Facebook app id as the administrator (all administrators of the app will be able to moderate comments). Doing this enables a moderator interface on Facebook where comments from all plugins administered by your app id can be easily moderated together. 

You can moderate comments from just this plugin inline. If you have specified your app id as the admin, you can moderate all your plugins at

When you implement multiple comments boxes on your site and tie them together using an app_id, the moderation settings you choose will apply to all your comments boxes. For example, changing the moderation setting to 'has limited visibility' will affect all comments boxes under the same app_id. If you need to apply different moderation paradigms in different areas of your site, you should use two or more app_ids. You may then apply different moderation settings each group of comments boxes.

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