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Homepage > CG Blog > NJS Kierin Race Prizes

NJS Kierin Race Prizes

City Grounds is sponsoring the Kierin races for the ‘NJS Ride and Show Encino Velodrome Fundraiser’! Check out what 1st Place in the Kierin Class wins!

EAI Tote Bag
Kashimax NJS Saddle
Kashimax Top Tube Protector
DuraAce NJS 15t Cog
DuraAce NJS 16t Cog
DuraAce NJS Lockring
Shimano Locking/Cog Tool
MKS NJS Chain Tensioners
Izumi NJS Super Toughness Chain
Strong V Grips
Toshi Double Straps

We also have prizes for 2nd and 3rd place finisher’s in the NJS Class. We have prizes for the Non-NJS class top three finishers as well! Can’t wait to see you guys out there this Sunday!

We’ll also be providing free use of our tools and stand under our canopy for all racers. Come hang out!

more information here:

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